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Midlands Wild Meat, Derby

Midlands Wild Meat is the latest addition to our Wildlife management company Littleover Forestry Limited. Because wildlife conservation sometime involves grown up decisions and we have to acknowledge that many of our countries large wildlife species need managing. This sometimes means that as all the apex predators in the UK have become extinct, we must take responsibility to ensure the protection of natural habitat and the environment.

Before any culling or harvesting of any wild animal, we will have undertaken a comprehensive population and environmental impact survey. This is to determine which species are present, numbers on site and what, if any environmental harm are they creating.

venison butchers Browse line showing clear environmental impact.
game butcher 12 months later after a controlled management cull there is still a healthy population or Roe, Fallow & Muntjac, here you can see bluebells and wild flowers starting to return.

For example, over the last twenty years the UK deer population has been growing between 4% and 8% per year depending on species, it is now possible that there are more deer in England than at any other time in history. This increasing population needs us to control the deer from the woodland we own or manage. It is important that we do this in order to minimise crop damage on neighbouring farms and to reduce damage to forestry and its understory. It also maintains and ensures a healthy and viable sustainable wild population.

We pride ourselves on the levels of expertise and the qualifications our team hold. Each member has several Environmental and Deer Management qualifications and as well as being pretty good butchers they are all expert marksmen as well. Because of the level of expertise, we even offer a humane animal management service, free of charge to local constabularies & veterinary practices including darting and sedation.

Our overriding concern is always that any animal we harvest firstly, have all been carefully selected and has had the highest quality of life, (no intensive farming, no chemicals and a full life in the wild.) and more importantly a stress-free and humane death.

When you visit us at Midlands Wild Meat, it is quite likely that the person serving you in our butchery will have known the animal for a period of time and indeed will possibly be the person who actually harvested it from the wild, and in being so he or she will be in the best position to answer any questions you have.

venison butchers derby Red Stag selected for harvesting due to an injury he had sustained during the rut, this shows in the odd shape and length of his antlers.
derbyshire game butcher Red Stag selected for harvesting due to an injury he had sustained during the rut, this shows in the odd shape and length of his antlers.

Here at our butchery in Derby we are passionate about traceability from field to fork. We are already certified by the Organic Food Federation and in early 2022 we will gain full SALSA Accreditation. This isn’t just about the quality of butchery but also means that our hygiene standards, our record keeping regarding traceability, staff training, monitoring of equipment and regular proving of competence of our marksmen.

We always endeavour to have a range of venison from four of the six different UK deer species, Muntjac, Roe, Fallow and Red. We also have Wild Boar and when in season Pheasants and Partridge (either in feather or oven ready for the same price). We are proud to butcher to traditional English Cuts, so loins not American back straps. Haunches, as opposed to round cuts, as well as all the standard cuts and joints.

We are also happy to butcher to your requirements if you have specific request such as a Full or Half Saddle on the bone, traditional or French Dressed. If you don't see what you would like please ask us, we are only too pleased to help. We are also happy to take larger orders for supply of a fully butchered half or full carcass, ready vac packed for home freezing and at great prices.

If you are not sure how much or what cut would suit you best, or even how to cook your joint to get the very best from it, take a look on our contact page and speak to one of our team.

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A little about Midlands Wild Meat ...

Wild sourced UK venison is a highly sustainable choice, because here in the UK we have thriving deer populations living in the wild. Recent estimates are that our deer populations are growing between 4 and 8% per year depending on which species.

Now due to our deer no longer having any natural predators, they need to be managed to ensure they stay healthy and are kept in balance with their environment. We also have extremely high standards in relation to our deer management practices and our commitment to from field to fork traceability and food safety. As well as keen regards to the legal protections which ensure that our wild deer are indeed humanely managed.

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