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Red Deer

Product Price / kg / Per unit
Red Deer Loin £25/kg
Red Deer Loin Steaks £25/kg
Red Deer Haunch £22/kg
Red Deer Boned Haunch £25/kg
Red Deer Saddle £28/kg
Red Deer Topside £24/kg
Red Deer Silverside £24/kg
Red Deer Thick Flank £24/kg
Red Deer Rump £24/kg
Red Deer Rump Steak £25/kg
Red Deer Rolled Shoulder £16/kg
Red Deer Mince £13/kg
Red Deer Diced Braising £16/kg
Red Deer Shank £12.50/kg
Red Deer Neck £14/kg

Fallow Deer

Product Price / kg / Per unit
Fallow Deer Loin £25/kg
Fallow Deer Loin Steaks £25/kg
Fallow Deer Haunch £24/kg
Fallow Deer Boned Haunch £25/kg
Fallow Deer Topside £24/kg
Fallow Deer Silverside £24/kg
Fallow Deer Thick Flank £24/kg
Fallow Deer Rump £24/kg
Fallow Deer Rump Steak £25/kg
Fallow Deer Rolled Shoulder £24/kg
Fallow Deer Saddle £28/kg
Fallow Deer Mince £13/kg
Fallow Deer Diced Braising £16/kg
Fallow Deer Shank £12.50/kg
Fallow Deer Neck £14.50

Roe Deer

Product Price / kg / Per unit
Roe Deer Haunch £22/kg
Roe Deer Saddle £28/kg
Roe Deer Loin £25/kg
Roe Deer Loin Steaks £25/kg
Roe Deer Mince £13/kg
Roe Deer Diced Braising £16/kg

Muntjac Deer

Product Price / kg / Per unit
Muntjac Deer Haunch £19/kg
Muntjac Deer Saddle £22/kg
Muntjac Deer Loin £22/kg
Muntjac Deer Mince £11.50/kg
Muntjac Deer Diced Braising £14.50/kg

Wild Boar

Product Price / kg / Per unit
Wild Boar Leg Joint £25/kg
Wild Boar Loin £28/kg
Wild Boar Shoulder £17/kg
Wild Boar Rolled Shoulder £18/kg
Wild Boar Rolled Breast £18/kg
Wild Boar Mince £15/kg
Wild Boar Diced £18/kg

Venison & Boar

Product Price / kg / Per unit
Venison and Boar Sausage £14/kg
Venison Sausage £14/kg
Venison and Wild Boar Faggots £0.95 Each

boned haunch Boned Haunch
rump Rump
thick flank Thick Flank
topside Topside
silverside Silverside
rolled shoulder Rolled Shoulder
shank Shank
saddle Saddle
neck Neck
rump steak Rump Steak
rolled breast Rolled Breast
neck chops Neck Chops
loin Loin
chops Chops
tender loin Tender Loin

Delivery Charges

Orders under £11: £11.95 delivery
Orders under £29: £6.95 delivery
Orders over £29: Free delivery

Please bear in mind that we are subject to both seasonal and weather availability. We endeavour to despatch all orders received before 12:30pm the same working day for overnight delivery by courier. Order from Monday to Thursday for delivery from Tuesday to Friday. Please note unless specifically requested our products will be despatched from frozen in insulated packaging in order to ensure it reaching you in prime condition.

To place an order visit our contact us page where you can telephone or email your order to a member of our team. We will then arrange payment over the telephone and delivery overnight courier.

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A little about Midlands Wild Meat ...

Wild sourced UK venison is a highly sustainable choice, because here in the UK we have thriving deer populations living in the wild. Recent estimates are that our deer populations are growing between 4 and 8% per year depending on which species.

Now due to our deer no longer having any natural predators, they need to be managed to ensure they stay healthy and are kept in balance with their environment. We also have extremely high standards in relation to our deer management practices and our commitment to from field to fork traceability and food safety. As well as keen regards to the legal protections which ensure that our wild deer are indeed humanely managed.

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